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#74 Four Elements

“Four Elements”

The comfort of all pain.
One that keeps us sane,
But is it an excuse for being lame?

The one that makes things done.
Shedding sweat in front.
Its glare it regularly taunts.

Knocks away our things.
Keeps all those wishes linked.
Cultivates those growing seeds.

The foundation of birth.
The fortress of our turf.
Generations for it to convert.

Written on Thursday, December 8, 2011
Theme: Tranquility | Stanzas: 4 | Lines: 16
Rhyming sequence: AAAA | Syllabic range: Unordered


#73 Lying in Wait

“Lying in Wait”

Pretty little mademoiselle
Sits beside the window sill.
Looking at the celadon hills,
She sings a graceful hymn
That pulls the jays’ heartstrings.

Lassie can’t help feel anomie
When no one else can hear
The cries of hers that scream
A tale that serves to only dim
The chances of fulfilling her dream.

Her golden finely-curled locks
That no one dares to mock
Shines and leaves you starstruck,
Yet its sheens don’t seem to rock
Them out of their socks.

Pretty little mademoiselle
Sits beside the window sill.
Looking at the scarlet hills,
She sings a soulful hymn
That attracts a firefly team.

Written on Thursday, December 4, 2011
Theme: Tranquility | Stanzas:  4 | Lines: 20
Rhyming sequence: AAAAA | Syllabic range: Unordered

#68 Could This Be Love?

“Could This Be Love?”

And in there all my sorrows swing
A to and fro motion from things.
This placid land that I once dwelled
Now appears as a fairy tale.

All the things around colored blue
Show many diff’rent shades and hues.
Is my mind flying high above?
Maybe, perhaps, could this be love?

A reflection of you and me
On the clear river that I see.
I turned to my side to find out
That these are all illusive doubts.

Left alone to solve this puzzle
And to go through so much trouble,
Yet my heart’s as light as a dove’s.
The question stands, “Could this be love?”

Written on Sunday, November 27, 2011
Theme: Love | Stanzas: 4 | Lines: 12
Rhyming sequence: AABB | Syllabic range: All-8

#65 Four Seasons

“Four Seasons”

Sakura blossoms cov’ring the environment
Bring forth a beautiful cool spring temperament
Like the harmony of the placid crystal lake
That glitters rythmically upon the sun’s wake.

Giant verdant vegetable stalks cover my face
And hides me from the sun and from all the heat’s trace
Along with fields of pompous xanthous sunflowers
Dancing with swarms of butterflies each passing hour.

Maple leaves falling onto the tangerine ground
Produce some tender soft yet distinct rustling sounds
That brings with it some traces of the north wind
Blowing past the clouds and then across the sun’s sheen.

Not long until the snow arrives in a hurry
That later covers all things and makes me worry,
But it doesn’t bother my mood’s reasons
For enjoying the reoccurring four seasons.

Written on Saturday, October 22, 2011   
Theme: Tranquility | Stanzas: 4 | Lines:16
Rhyming sequence: AABB | Syllabic range: All-12

#59 Animal Instinct

“Animal Instinct”

Born to be wild.
Just hiding it inside.
When the time is right,
Inner self comes out to fight.

Born with the skills
In order to chase and kill.
Among the entire hunting pack.
‘Tis one with vigor it not lacks.

Born to hunt down
With wisdom full profound.
Strategic mind it possesses
Against enemies that it messes.

Born with fate to die
Along with honor by its side.
Closing its eyes from reality,
Reaching the end of its destiny.

Written on Wednesday, July 24, 2011
Theme: Tranquility | Stanzas: 4 | Lines: 20
Rhyming sequence: AABB | Syllabic range: Unordered


#56 Accettazione


One moment you’re here;
Next moment you’re gone.
So much for my tears,
For they have ran out.

A glimpse of the night
Shows me a surprise.
Not the real fearful kind
Nor a dreadful demise,

But I thought I saw you
And that you are still here.
If only it was true,
Then got nothing to fear.

If I could see you one last time,
Then no problem seeing you go;
But it is not like that–not nice
Yet have to go on with the flow.

Written on Thursday, July 21, 2011
Theme: Love | Stanzas: 4 | Lines: 16
Rhyming sequence: ABAB | Syllabic range: 5555, 5566, 6666, 8888

Random: “Accettazione” is Italian for acceptance. Hope I got that right…

“Seeking You; Forsaking Others”

Lord, I thank You for being my Friend.
Lead me away from the worldly trends.
You always help me with my burdens.
Remind me of You on times I feel bent.

All the things of the world
Can never compare to you, Lord.
Always keep me pursuing Your Word
That’s sharper than any other sword.

The executions of your plans always fit.
Help me overcome and keep my wits.
Day by day I must exercise my spirit
Keep me burning–my lamp always lit.

Everyday is another second chance.
Time must not be wasted with dance
Or things of vanity and romance.
Always be ready; stick to your stance.

Written on Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Theme: Spiritual | Stanzas: 4 | Lines: 16
Rhyming sequence: AAAA| Syllabic range: Unordered

#46 A Realization

“A Realization”
During the early days, I thought
That my problems I solely dealt.
“I can do it all by myself.”
You I failed to sought.

Not long until years passed
Then I realized something.
Events, days, and everything
Are not to be simply trashed.

When I touched You,
All I felt was real joy.
It could never compare to toys.
Enjoying You was what I wanted to do.

I had a positive outlook
On the things that came.
I saw things no longer the same.
When working, never think of fame.

Written on Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Theme: Spiritual | Stanzas: 4 | Lines: 16
Rhyming sequence: ABBA | Syllabic range: Unordered

#35 Camaraderie


Though times there will be
When two bonds fight.
Faults they cannot see.
The situation then gets tight.

Kindred spirits mingled together
Both share a single heart.
Hopes and dreams lasting forever.
Trusting each other, since the start.

In them, lust is nonexistent;
Only give and take is there.
They follow the same commitment
Which is to share and care.

One of life’s richest blessings
Is frequent fellowshipping.
True friends will never show signs of rusting
Even until the time of their last resting.

Written on Thursday, May 5, 2011
Theme: Life | Stanzas: 4  | Lines: 16
Rhyming sequence: ABAB, AAAA | Syllabic range: Unordered

What does camaraderie mean? It means “friendship.” 🙂 Inspired by my big sister’s words, “To share is to care.”

#26 Winter Christmas

“Winter Christmas”
One of my first poems.

Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Out with the heat and in with the snow!
‘Tis the season to give a gift of joy;
In my present contained a toy.

I dress like the character Santa
And went to visit the house of Rhonda.
I delivered a fresh batch of cookies,
But it tasted like the work of a rookie.

My next stop was at the gen’ral store.
I bought a bunch of decor, four by four,
Rushed back home to dec’rate my tree,
And plugged in the Christmas lights for all to see.

It’s morning; it’s noon; it’s evening,
And hours fly as I sing.
Before I know it, it’s Christmas Day!
Presents! Hugs! Food! Horray!

Written on 2009 or 2010.
Theme: Special | Stanzas: 4 | Lines: 16
Rhyming sequence: AABB | Syllabic range: Unordered

This is one of the poems that I’ve written way before I started writing real poems (not saying this one’s unreal, but that time, I didn’t consider poem writing as a hobby yet). I love the feeling when you read writings more than a year ago. Feels like you didn’t write ’em at all, but you did! And you can clearly see typos and mistakes too. Ahh…memories… 🙂