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#75 Alone to Myself

“Alone to Myself”

Walking away from the pavements,
Looking on cracks as I seize movement,
You are no longer in my heart
Nor you even deserve any part.
Just go away and leave me alone;
Depart from me and my forlorn.
Just go away and leave me alone;
Staying makes my despair prolong.

Don’t know why I got so attached.
Now you can see it’s all a mismatch.
Troubles come creeping endlessly
With the Pandora’s Box lingering.
Just leave me all alone to myself;
You don’t understand how I feel.
Just leave me all alone to myself;
‘Cause you don’t know what’s the big deal.

Written on Friday, December 9, 2011
Theme: Animosity | Stanzas: 2 | Lines: 16
Rhyming sequence: AABB| Syllabic range: 8989, 9898, 1212


#74 Four Elements

“Four Elements”

The comfort of all pain.
One that keeps us sane,
But is it an excuse for being lame?

The one that makes things done.
Shedding sweat in front.
Its glare it regularly taunts.

Knocks away our things.
Keeps all those wishes linked.
Cultivates those growing seeds.

The foundation of birth.
The fortress of our turf.
Generations for it to convert.

Written on Thursday, December 8, 2011
Theme: Tranquility | Stanzas: 4 | Lines: 16
Rhyming sequence: AAAA | Syllabic range: Unordered

#73 Lying in Wait

“Lying in Wait”

Pretty little mademoiselle
Sits beside the window sill.
Looking at the celadon hills,
She sings a graceful hymn
That pulls the jays’ heartstrings.

Lassie can’t help feel anomie
When no one else can hear
The cries of hers that scream
A tale that serves to only dim
The chances of fulfilling her dream.

Her golden finely-curled locks
That no one dares to mock
Shines and leaves you starstruck,
Yet its sheens don’t seem to rock
Them out of their socks.

Pretty little mademoiselle
Sits beside the window sill.
Looking at the scarlet hills,
She sings a soulful hymn
That attracts a firefly team.

Written on Thursday, December 4, 2011
Theme: Tranquility | Stanzas:  4 | Lines: 20
Rhyming sequence: AAAAA | Syllabic range: Unordered

#72 Giving


Giving is what binds us together.
It matters not how lavish you share,
For the gist is your main character
That gauges how much you truly care.

Written on Friday, December 2, 2011
Theme: Life | Stanzas: 1 | Lines: 4
Rhyming sequence: ABAB | Syllabic range: all-9

#71 Fast Forward

“Fast Forward”

He told me that we were lost
In the deep murky waters.
Nothing else there was to boast
And how I’m such a loser.
Beating me down to the ground
With those sharp words that he said.
‘Tis not I who turned around,
But he who went too ahead.

Why are you so fast forward?
Making our love go backward.
You go too fast with no pause,
And that is why I’m so lost.
If you’d stop to understand
The things that I’m going through,
There wouldn’t be a demand
From me on what you should do.

Written on Thursday, December 1, 2011
Theme: Love| Stanzas: 2 | Lines: 16
Rhyming sequence: ABAB/AABBCDCD | Syllabic range: All-7

#70 Dawn and Dusk

“Dawn and Dusk”

Across the sky spread
Dawn’s shining saffron robe.
Tow’ring ‘bove our heads,
She smiles at us below.

In the midst of noon,
Dawn meets ominous him.
Dusk flies with the moon.
His coming changes things.

Beyond the h’rizon
Is Dusk’s dark, starry cape.
Light he imprisons
And waits the one Dawn makes.

Written on Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Theme: Tranquilty | Stanzas: 3 | Lines: 12
Rhyming sequence: ABAB | Syllabic range: 5656; 1212

#69 Another Day

“Another Day”

To be greeted by the morning lights
Peering through all those wooden blinds,
Hearing the voices of blue jays,
I awaken. It’s another day.

To be disturbed by the pouring rain
Pelting on those glass window panes,
I’m thankful that I am kept safe,
For once again, it’s another day.

To be burdened with the heavy snow
And knowing there’s no other place to go,
Even so, indoors I stay,
Comforted by the fact, it’s another day.

Written on Monday, November 28, 2011
Theme: Tranquility | Stanzas: 3 | Lines: 12
Rhyming sequence: AABB| Syllabic range: 9889, 1221

“Could This Be Love?”

And in there all my sorrows swing
A to and fro motion from things.
This placid land that I once dwelled
Now appears as a fairy tale.

All the things around colored blue
Show many diff’rent shades and hues.
Is my mind flying high above?
Maybe, perhaps, could this be love?

A reflection of you and me
On the clear river that I see.
I turned to my side to find out
That these are all illusive doubts.

Left alone to solve this puzzle
And to go through so much trouble,
Yet my heart’s as light as a dove’s.
The question stands, “Could this be love?”

Written on Sunday, November 27, 2011
Theme: Love | Stanzas: 4 | Lines: 12
Rhyming sequence: AABB | Syllabic range: All-8


My voice echoes down till the ocean floor
Creating a rhythmic wave of bubbles.
Never has this event happened before.
Now I swim a river full of troubles.

Droplets of dew forming around my sight
Stretching ‘cross the el’gant moonlight meadows.
The moon then greeted me, “My lady night,
What brings you to carry such a rubble?”

I replied, “If only you understand
The predicament that I’m going through.
‘Tis hard and inevitable for man
To not reminisce and then gaze at you.”

Written on Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Theme: Reminiscence | Stanzas: 3 | Lines: 12
Rhyming sequence: ABAB | Syllabic range: All-10

“Wherever I Go, the Right Way’s Shown”

Following my heart, I trusted that it’ll show
The perfect path on which I have to go,
Knowing that I could not say no
As I reap a path that I have sown.

Kisses I’ve left on my family’s home,
And walking down the road, I’m all alone.
Dangers and problems I’m severely prone,
But I know wherever I go, the right way’s shown.

Written onWednesday, November 23, 2011
Theme: Tranquility | Stanzas: 2 | Lines: 8
Rhyming sequence: AAAA | Syllabic range: Unordered